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Wilfredo de Jesús Ramos is the owner of the Farm La Naturaleza, the name of the Farm comes from the care of the flora and fauna that the Producer has with his property. His goal is to take care of it and hope that the next generations can have the opportunity to enjoy the nature he cares for so much. The Farm is located at 1650 mt. and has an area of 28 hectares, all of which are dedicated to the production of coffee of the Catuaí and Ihcafé 90 Varieties. This beautiful lot is processed with an innovative experimental process Wilfredo had developed together with the R&D Department of the importer Mare Terra. Indeed, the drying technique of this natural coffee "sleeping bags" is named after the opaque material that is used as a cover to retain moisture in the drying coffee cherries. The process alternates between open and closed stages. When the coffee is opened and spread evenly, normal drying occurs on the surface. In addition, periodically, the coffee is carefully covered with this material, as in a sleeping bag. This technique greatly increases fermentation and allows you to maintain the high density of the grain, fruity and vinous notes usually accompany this technique. 

  • Producer: Wilfredo de Jesús Ramos
  • Location: Lempira.
  • Altitude: 1650m.
  • Process: Natural processed Arabica. Outdoor drying with the Sleeping Bag technique
  • Varieties: Catuai, Ihcafe 90
  • Origins: Honduras
  • Ingridienser: Ristede kaffebønner

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