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Our Coffee Workshop will take you on a journey across the coffee belt to discover the different flavors and origins of coffee. The workshop is both theoretical and practical.

The theoretical part includes an introduction to coffee (coffee cultivation and market sustainability issues across the supply chain), followed by the direct involvement of the participants in the daily routine.

During the practical part, you will be introduced to the work at a specialty coffee micro-roastery. You will experience our 25kg Diedrich coffee roaster hands-on, different types of brewing equipment, and a cupping table.


  • Part 1:  Intro to the world of coffee. (30 min approx) 

Learn how the different coffee terroirs affect the taste of your coffee. We will focus on coffee production and processing to discover the diversity of coffee according to the different origins and processing methods.

Hands-on: participants will taste 3 different coffees from 3 distinct origins.

  • Part 2: How the roaster affects the taste. (30 min approx)

One of our coffee roasters will show the participants our coffee roasters and the process of roasting coffee while closely analyzing the different stages of the roast.

  • Part 3: (30 min approx)
In the final part of the workshop participants will learn how the different brew methods affect the taste of the coffee. We will choose one coffee and will brew it with three different brewing methods. The goal is to learn how to brew better coffee at home and improve one’s sensory skills to recognize and appreciate quality.

    Location: Uplandsgade 70A, 2300 København S

    Price: 1.000 DKK (VAT included)

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