Coffee is our passion, our craft, our drive and our inspiration. We believe that it is our mission to provide all coffee consumers with high-quality, sustainable and ethically-sourced specialty coffee. 

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Why We Roast Coffee?

“Because we believe coffee can foster more equal social relations across the food value chain by bridging the geographical and social gaps which keep producers and consumers apart”

How We Roast?

We craft-roast coffee bringing out the essence of the different terroirs and making sure that the consumer can appreciate this diversity, enjoy the taste and understand the complexity of coffee.

What We Do?

“Specialty coffee, state of the art equipment, and education are one single thing. Inseparable ingredients for the recipe of quality. We provide our private and business customers with the full package: freshly roasted coffee beans, some of the best brewing equipment and ongoing training to exploit and enjoy the full potential of our coffees.”

Specialty Coffee

For us, specialty coffee is not just high-quality coffee. It is indeed, much more than that. It’s also about transparency and accountability as a to means to achieve social and environmental sustainability at every stage of the supply chain, from the coffee farm to the final cup of coffee.

Our take on Social and Environmental Responsibility

Raising awareness among the consumers about the social and environmental implications of coffee consumption lies at the core of our organization. This goal can be achieved through a deep understanding of the context where the coffee grows, the challenges of fragile livelihoods in the coffeelands as well as the impact of coffee production and consumption on planet earth.

Being Transparent

When we source coffee we try to get as closer as possible to the growers. Most of our coffee is purchased through a direct and continuous relationship with the farmers. The remaining coffee is purchased from green coffee importers who share the same vision and that are able to trade coffee in a fully transparent way, disclosing the price paid to the primary producers and long term relationships with them. This direct relation enables us to maintain complete transparency while ensuring full traceability. Specialty coffee requires the cooperation of all the players in the supply chain. Only together we can guarantee high-quality, sustainable, and fairly-trade specialty coffee for our customers.