Meet the faces behind Nordic Roasting Co. 


Francesco Impallomeni, Founder, Partner, and Head Roaster

Francesco’s Italian origins, a background in politics and economics and the previous experience with the Slow Food international movement, provided him with the cultural ballast and the curiosity to dig deeper into the Nordic coffee culture. Previous co-founder and roastmaster at Nordhavn Coffee Roasters, in 2020 Francesco decided it was time to take his own road and start a new coffee company in Copenhagen. That was the perfect occasion to fulfill his passion, drive, and profound knowledge of coffee from bean to cup. In partnership with coffee professionals driven by the same passion for specialty coffee, and same takes on ethics and sustainability, he was lured by the enchanting voice of the Merman and started Nordic Roasting Company.  


Miguel Botero, Founder, Partner, and Sales & Customer Relations 

Miguel is the grandchild of Carlos Botero Suarez, a recognized coffee farmer in the area of Manizales and Santa Rosa de Cabal in Colombia, whose family has produced coffee for five generations. As such, Miguel’s passion for coffee literally runs through his veins.

Through the years, Miguel has contributed to the coffee industry by implementing protocols and standardize processes; including quality control, stabilization of production, and commercial growth for different cooperatives in different countries. Furthermore, he is the author of “Coffee Plan for Quality and Sustainability” – a protocol on how to become a better farmer, today used by cooperatives in three different countries worldwide. 

Through his deep-rooted experience in the industry, Miguel is responsible for communication and customer relations.


Jacob Frankel, Founder & Partner and a little of everything 

When Jacob around 2010 began drinking coffee it was a process of teaching he’s taste buds and brain to look through the bitterness and enjoy the underlying acidity, fruitiness - the overall complexity of the flavors in coffee. 
Shortly after he began to roast his own coffee and have since then been fascinated by the understanding of the roasting process - the combination of a theoretical understanding and the goal of transferring the theory into practice. 
In 2018 Jacob quit his job as an actuary in Deloitte to focus even more on the coffee in his life. On this journey Jacob got connected with Francesco and Miguel and discovered they had a mutual understanding of what “good coffee” means. 
When the opportunity arose to partner up with Francesco and Miguel to start Nordic Rosting Co. there was no doubt that it was the right way to pursue his love for a good cup coffee. 

 Agnieszka Lewandowska, Head barista and retail account manager  


Born and raised in Poland, Agnieszka (aka "Aga") spent as much of her life living and working abroad, first in Jersey (UK) and then in Denmark. Restless, and passionate coffee professional, Aga has built a great career around coffee and hospitality. It is rare to find a coffee professional capable to focus as much as on product and service as Aga. Coffee is much more than a drink, it is a mean to connect people and Aga is helping Nordic Roasting to grow putting this concept into practice.