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"Why We Roast Coffee?"

“Because coffee connects people and places. It has the potential to empower communities, foster more equal social relations and close those gaps which keep producers and consumers apart”

Francesco Impallomeni, Co-Founder, Partner, and Head Roaster

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Supporting livelihoods in the coffeelands

When we source coffee we try to get as close as possible to the growers. Most of our coffee is direct-traded. The remaining coffee is purchased from green coffee importers in a transparent way, disclosing the price paid to the primary producers. Coffee requires the cooperation of all the players in the supply chain. Only together we can guarantee high-quality, sustainable, and ethically-sourced specialty coffee for our customers.

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Craft-roasted coffee brings out the essence of the different terroirs, so that consumers can appreciate this diversity, enjoy the taste and understand the complexity of coffee.



Coffee is a complex product and a lot of knowledge and practice lies behind brewing a cup of coffee. Preparing coffee is the last step of the long journey of the coffee beans. For this reason, mastering the brew recipes is the only way to enjoy specialty coffee. At Nordic Roasting we love to share some tips to fine tune your brewing recipes.

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