Intango – natural – Karongi - Rwanda

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Flavor notes:  orange, red apple, red currant


Roast degree: Light

Recommended for: Filter 

  • Producer: smallholder farmers part of the Intango Washing Station owned by Gilbert Gatali, Roots Inc.
  • Location: Lake Kivu, Karongi District 
  • Altitude 1,700 - 2,000 meters above sea level
  • Species arabica
  • Varietal:  Arabica Bourbon types: French Mission, Jackson, Mbirizi
  • Harvest period: September to November
  • Harvest type: Manual
  • Process:   shade dried, then sun-dried and consistently turned to achieve the lowest possible amount of defects.
  • Origin: Rwanda.
  • Ingridienser: Ristede kaffebønner

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[source: This Side Up]

Intango (pronounced “Inango”) is a small washing station on the edge of Lake Kivu. Once part of a cooperative that won the 2014 Rwanda Cup of Excellence, it became run down as the cooperative dissolved. That is until our friend Gilbert Gatali took it over. Grown up in Canada but Rwandan by roots, Gilbert came back to his African roots as a coffee importer. He then continued to help hundreds of farmers improve their quality as manager of Rwanda's first farmer-owned specialty coffee export company. Finally, after 13 years of managing coffee quality indirectly, he and his best friend Gervais are fulfilling their dreams of running their own specialty coffee washing station.

The washing station works with only 400 supplying farmers, but this gives Gilbert the oversight to make lasting impact for all of them. ‘Intango’ itself is Kinyarwanda for “beginning”: Gilbert’s intention was to create a communal starting point for farmers, staff and community to come together, grow and change their lives positively. Gilbert invests in both quality and environmental sustainability (organic fertilisation and shade trees), with a special role for women in managerial positions.

Intango’s coffee has the black tea notes that are typical of the region, but with explosive florals and tropical and red fruit notes that are rare except in the very top of East African coffees. We weren’t looking for a third Rwandan partner, but Intango was just too good to pass up!


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