La Primavera by Luis Eduardo Lopez, Cauca - Colombia

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A new entry in our coffee line-up. A coffee which was born from a collaboration of great farmers and processors from one of the most amazing coffee producing region in the world. What makes this coffee unique is the special processing which consists of using selected yeasts and controlled fermentation to boost the flavours of the cherries. Flavour notes are: Tropical fruits (Passion Fruit and Lychee), honey sweetness and elegant finish. The roast is light so highlight the  acidity and fruity notes. 

Get a taste of innovation in specialty coffee. 

The coffee

This Colombia variety is cultivated at an elevation of 1720 meters above sea level in the region of Tambo, Cauca. This particular coffee has age of 5 years, ensuring a rich and robust flavor profile. To maintain its exceptional quality, the coffee plants receive fertilization four times annually. The cherries are harvested at their full maturity stage, guaranteeing a superior taste experience.

The process

The coffee cherries are initially sanitized with quaternary ammonium solution and ozonated water, and then fermented into cherry with the least risk of contamination. The fermentative mass is monitored to control pressure and temperature of the reactor. Then the cherry fermentation is stopped after 36 hours and the cherries are pulped. The must is saved and set aside to be added at later stage to the pulped coffee into the bioreactor for another 48 hours. The next step is to wash and dry for approximately 7 days.


  • Finca La Primavera
  • Location: Tambo, Cauca.
  • Altitude: 1680-1780m
  • Processed by Luis Eduardo Lopez. 
  • Process: Experimental with selected yeasts.
  • Varieties: Colombia.
  • Origin: Colombia.
  • Ingredienser: Ristede kaffebønner

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