Hoop Brewer by Ceado (Mat black color)

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Hoop is an innovative radial infusion brewer created by Ceado, and the winner of Best New Product Award: Consumer coffee preparation & serving equipment.
Hoop coffee brewer is part of the lifestyle mood your way of coffee: everyone is free to live and explore the world of coffee following its own rules.

It works with Aeropress paper filters

How Does it Work 

Hoop is a radial infusion brewer.

Water filters evenly through the coffee bed, in a smooth and regular way, thanks to the side holes at the bottom of the Flow Tower.
The flow of the water through the holes guarantees an even extraction: the water filters through the coffee with the same quantity and strength, reaching the paper filter only after completing the journey through coffee.

Hoop allows to achieve a full and high quality extraction, with no effort!

Put the paper filter, wet it, add coffee and pour water. Hoop will do the rest!
With Hoop you can have an automatic soft infusion.
This turns the focus on coffee and the final result, leaving the preparation and the extraction techniques to Hoop coffee brewer!

Hoop is accessible to everyone who wants to experience drinking a high quality coffee with no need for specific skills or knowledge.

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