Miale Tubana, Mt. Elgon, Mbale, Uganda

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Mount Elgon Nyasaland Coffee community (Slow Food Coffee Cummunity)

Coffee Variety: Arabica, Nyasaland variety

Farming system: The coffee is grown in the shade in an agroforestry system, intercropped with: Cordia Africana / Kiki khili; Ficus Natalensis / Shikaile tree; Makhamia / Lusambya or Lusora; Albizia / Kumulukhu (Shilukhu); Khutoto; Kisoyo (Ficus spp); Fruit trees except mangoes.

Altitude: 1,260-1,550 masl

Participatory Guarantee System initiative:

The Mount Elgon Nyasaland Coffee is part of the Slow Food Coffee Coalition and decided to start a PGS initiative after attending a PGS workshop provided by Slow Food Uganda. The community group created the Ethical Committee and signed the PGS pledge in March 2022.

  • Region: Miale Village (Mooni, Bumboi, Mutoto and Muyanda), Mbale district, eastern Uganda
  • Producers: 40 producers united in the Miale-Tubana Mixed Farmers’ Cooperative Group
  • Harvest period: November 2023 – February 2024
  • Altitude: 1,260-1,550 mslm
  • Variety: Arabica Nyasaland
  • Process: Washed

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