Los Robles - Huehuetenango - Guatemala

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Finca Los Robles - Manuel Villatoro

Manuel lives with his wife and kids in the San Pedro Necta community. They are second generation coffee growers, and Manuel hopes to keep the farm going to honor all the work his father put into the farm before him.

Robles means “oak trees,” which is one of several shade trees used on the farm. Manuel explains that this name also reminds him of his father, who left the farm to him as an inheritance - the oak trees date from his father’s time running the farm.

Cup profile: flavours of tropical pineapple, mango, litchi and blackberries yoghurt. High lactic acidity with a super structured body and long sweet aftertaste. Light roasted and recommended for filter and espresso brews. 

  • Region: Huehuetenango
  • Town:  San Pedro Necta
  • Variety: Caturra, San Ramón 
  • Processing: Natural
  • Altitude 1550-1700 mt. asl. 
  • Water Supply: Natural Spring Water
  • Producer: Manuel Villatoro
  • Farm: Finca los Robles
  • Shade trees: Chalun, Gravilea, Robles, Avocado Trees
  • Farm Size : 1.8 ha
  • Annual production: 3458kg
  • Sourced by PRIMAVERA Coffee Importers
  • Ingredienser: Ristede Kaffebønner


Manuel processes most of his coffee using a traditional washed process, and this natural lot represents an experiment and only the very best coffee is processed this way. There are 3 pickings each season on the farm, but he waits for the second picking to ensure that the very best cherries are collected to process the natural lot. They rinse off the cherries and then carefully select out green cherries and any defects. The coffee is then placed in a tank for the rest of the day. On the second day, he placed the coffee on the patio and made sure to turn the coffee every 30 minutes for about 7 days. This begins the drying process. Then, the coffee pods are collected and placed on a screen and placed in a 70% shaded environment. They continue to dry for an additional 13 days. When they are dried to export standards, workers once again manually select out defective beans before the coffee is delivered to us.

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