Stagg el-kedel med svanehals

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Elegant design og alle features til at optimerer håndholdt kaffebrygning i filter (kaldes også pour-over eller drip). 


  • Præcis temperaturstyring fra 57 til 100 C med drejeknap.
  • Temperatur-hold på op til 60 min.
  • Automatisk sluk efter 15 minutters stilstand
  • Tynd svanehals til kontrolleret styring af vandstrålen på kaffen. 
  • Kapacitet: 900 ml
  • Hurtig opvarming: 1200 W



Fellow Stagg is a kettle designed for alternative methods of brewing. A polished look, a well-shaped spout, and a built-in temperature gauge will definitely satisfy every barista. The new version contains a stainless steel lid.

The body is made of 304 18/8 high-quality stainless steel covered with food-safe matte black paint. Its weighted plastic handle provides counterbalance and greater stability when pouring.

It is suitable for gas, electric, and induction hobs. With its specially profiled spout, it allows for more precise and repeatable coffee brewing in Chemex or dripper and makes the process much more pleasant. The temperature gauge built in the lid lets you know the exact water temperature shown in both degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit.

This super cool kettle is ready for the European market and has the EU plug on, not UK, but with an adaptor, it’ll work just fine.
More cool features:
  • Precision pour spout and counterbalanced-handle like the original kettle
  • Celsius/Fahrenheit option with a switch on the base
  • 0.9 liter capacity
  • Small, minimalist base
  • Turns itself off after 15 minutes of standby
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