Hangadhi Village – Natural Arabica – Guji – Ethiopia

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En kompleks kaffe med stor aroma i frugtagtig profil. Intense noter af blåbær fuldmodne ferskner og æble


Kaffen er dyrket i hjertet af det berømte Guji område. Efter høsten er bønnerne soltørrede i landsbyen Hangadhi. Det bidrager til kaffens intense smag. Certificeret økologisk med anerkendelse af den lokale knowhow, som respekterer mennesker og miljø.


Ristegrad Xooo

Højde: 2100 meter

Proces: Natural

Arabica variant: etiopisk vildtvoksende

Producent: Guji Highland Coffee Plantation Hangadh.

Region: Shakiso, Guji, Etiopia


Ingridienser: Ristede kaffebønner


Vores emballage er 100% genanvendt plastik og CO2-neutral.


Hangadhi coffee is grown in the Guji appellation, which is well known for its quality coffees. It is selected by the Guji Highland Coffee Plantation from among small farmers who work their plots exclusively by hand. It is a high-altitude coffee dried at the station in the village of Hangadhi that offers a fruity profile with pleasant citrus notes. The coffee is certified organic, in recognition of local know-how that is respectful of people and of the environment HANGADHI The village of Hangadhi is located a few kilometres from the town of Shakisso, in the Guji area. The Guji Highland Coffee Plantation has set up a drying station there with about 40 African beds. The coffee dried in Hangadhi is collected from thirty or so farmers who work the surrounding plots. They are small family farms covering just a few hectares on average, worked exclusively by hand by farmers possessing ancient know-how. The coffee here is grown in orchards using polyculture farming systems that mix bean, cabbage and enset. This last plant also called the “false banana” on account of its shape, holds an important place in the region’s agricultural system because its root is used in the staple diet of local populations. Combining coffee farming with food crops works particularly well, thanks in part to the region’s rich, moist soils which produce cherries of particularly high quality. The Guji Highland Coffee Plantation has recently acquired 45 hectares of coffee plantations in Hangadhi. Here, too, the company is raising its quality requirements while maintaining agricultural practices that respect biodiversity. Belco is helping them with this new initiative and shares the company’s long-term objective, which is to produce a more sustainable coffee.
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