La Chacra D’Dago - Wiracocha lot - Peru

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Inspired by Inca’s history Don Dagoberto Marin called this  lot “Wiracocha” which names means “God of the Sun”during Inca Empire.

The 8-hectares Plantation where this lot is grown is located in the village of El Palomar, just 30 minutes from the town of Villa Rica, at an altitude of 1,700 m above sea level. 

Since 2020 the plot has been managed by Cesar Marin and his father Don Dago according to the principles of regenerative agriculture way, following both Organic & Biodynamic protocols. Within the farm the native shade varieties of the broadleaf forest are preserved, combined with fruit trees that serve as a refuge for many species of wildlife that inhabit the area in particular, many endangered migratory birds.

There are different varieties on the Plot but The Catigua & Tabi are the best adapted to this region and present the best quality both varieties is treated with Biol (Organic Fertilizers) and Compost and the beans are picked selectively.

This Coffee was produced and sourced by Cesar Marin.



More about this coffee 

First the harvest is all selective and done by hand with no machinery used at all. This helps to screen the quality once it gets to the benefcio (processing plant) which has many steps to screen the cherries to make sure only the ripest, clean, free of defect cherries make it through to the drying process.

At the top of their beneficio we have a “Coffee reception area” where they check by eye what cherries are ripe and red. All of those that don’t qualify this manual eye test are taken out and placed in an area for seconds.

After this step process, the best coffee cherries are ready to be pulped with clean water and then is store in the farm´s fermentation tanks during 72 Hours to have the highest potential of giving a full flavuored, followed by being washed and then dried on African beds for 10 - 15 days.

Farm Name Chacra D’ Dago

Lot Wiracocha , harvested in September 2023

Altitude 1700 m.a.s.l

Variety 50% Catigua 50% Tabi

Farm Size  8 Hectares

Processing System  Washed 72%

Fermentation Process Dry Fermentation

Start process


Process End


Start Drying


End of Drying



84.50 SCA


Aroma of Caramel, Medium

High Acidity, fruity Citrus,

orange, molasses.

Do you know what is a SLOW FOOD coffee? 

The Slow Food Coffee Coalition is an open and collaborative network, uniting all the participants involved in the coffee supply chain, from farmers to consumers, committed to producing good, clean and fair coffee. Indeed, besides good-tasting coffee, the coalition believes that the preservation of the environment and biodiversity through agroecological principles are key factors of resilience to the climate crisis. On the justice front, the Coalition advocates for the respect of fundamental human and labour rights across the whole supply chain, as well as inclusivity, regardless of gender identity, race, ethnicity, age or religion. These are key ingredients to make a fair cup of coffee.

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