Barista Space - 600 ml Blue / Rainbow Milk Jug

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Barista Space milk jug - an essential tool for every barista and latte art lover. Among its advantages, you can name a profiled spout, light weight, and comfortable handle.

Product description

- 600 ml capacity.
- Made of high-quality stainless steel 304.
- Precise spout.
- Lightweight (235g) and made of thin steel.
- Comfortable handle allows you to pour from different angles.
- Height: 11 cm; Hole diameter: 7.7 cm; Bottom diameter: 8.6 cm.
- Used and recommended by the Barista Champions of France, Australia, UK, Mexico, Greece, Switzerland, Brazil, Spain, Japan, and the 2018 World Barista Champion, Agnieszka Rojewska.


  • Fast: 20ms response time provides Ultra-fast response time and instant readings.
  • Accuracy: Highest internal resolution up to one million counts allows for readability up to 10th of a gram. The acaia pearl is sensitive to even weight changes resulting from evaporation.
  • Stability: Auto Zero tracking, Creeping compensation technology to provide industrial-grade stability.
  • Build in Stopwatch: You can track the blooming, pouring, and infusion time without a fuss, with the two-way timer that sync with your mobile phone.
  • Automated Auto-off Customization: The acaia will not shut down during coffee brewing, auto-off feature is also customizable in mobile app.
  • Rechargeable USB Power Supply : A greener alternative power source, battery lasts 20-30 hrs.

Inside the package:

  • Acaia | pearl ™ coffee scale (black)
  • Acaia | aerial ™ heat resistant pad (black)
  • Micro-USB cable

Product Specs:

  • Dimensions: 160mm(W) x 160mm(L) x 32mm(H)
  • Aprox. weight: 462g
  • Capacity: 4.4 lbs / 2kg
  • Measuring Units: oz, gr
  • Increments: 0.1 gr
  • Battery: USB rechargeable
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0
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