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This is a microlot from Soares Farm, owned by the Veloso family. It is a single variety lot, of Red Catuai variety of arabica. Catuai is a cross between highly productive Mundo Novo and compact Caturra, made by the Instituto Agronomico (IAC) of Sao Paulo State in Campinas, Brazil.

The plant is highly productive compared to Bourbon, in part because of its small size, which allows plants to be closely spaced; it can be planted at nearly double the density. The plant’s shape makes it relatively easy apply pest and disease treatments. It is mainly characterized by great vigor and its low height; it is less compact than Caturra.
The farm is named after the Lagoon of Soares region, in the municipality of Carmo do Paranaíba. It is all irrigated by a drip system with water intake from dams and reservoirs. It has an individual administrative base, a small repair workshop and a post-harvest structure such as a wet mill and a pulper, a patio, dryers and hulling machines. 
The farm is used as a place for our experiemenral varietals and high  specialty coffee projects such as anaerobic and aerobic fermentation, honey process, among other processes


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