Rocket espresso Giotto Cronometer R

16.495 kr

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Rocket Espresso Giotto Cronometro R introduce users to the Rocket Espresso movement for better espresso in the home without compromise. It is a high-end machine handmade with the best materials at Rockets factory in Milan.


Giotto Cronometro R (rotation pump) has heat exchanger PID temperature control technology drawing on 4 different signal parameters to ensure stability and optimum results in the cup. Cronometro R has a rotary pump as well as the possibility of a permanent water connection. It also has a digital shot timer allowing the user to better optimize extraction time. It has two manometers (black) for boiler and pump pressure reading.

With its rotary pump, Giotto Cronometro R is extremely precise and quiet, giving better performance and a more comfortable work environment with a low noise level. The Cronometro R range also allows for permanent water connection and drainage, so you do not have to think of filling a water tank or emptying the drip tray.

In addition, work has been done extra extensively with the details. That has ultimately resulted in the implementation of the classic larger R handles and diamond shaped sides that make Giotto elegant in its expression.

Giotto Cronometro R, with its precise temperature control and stability, provides the user with optimal conditions for producing a good uniform espresso every time. With a 1.8 liter copper boiler, it does not run out of power or steam and can also brew and steam milk at the same time without loss of strength.

Rocket Espresso Giotto Cronometro R also has height adjustable feet and is offered in two different body styles;  Mozzafiato and Giotto.

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