Darwin Carrillo – Washed Arabica – Huehuetenango – Guatemala

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Darwin Carrillo, a second-generation coffee producer, with his finca located in the Huehuetango region. The hot, dry winds that blow over from Mexico’s Tehuantepec Plain create excellent conditions for quality coffee. Huehuetango is known for beans with an intense and pleasant acidity, full body and delightful wine, floral and fruity notes.

  • Producer: La Lima.
  • Location: S.Antonio Huista, Huehuetenango.
  • Altitude: 1750-1830m.
  • Process: Washed arabica (sundried on patios).
  • Varieties: Caturra/Pache/Bourbon
  • Origins: Guatemala
  • Ingridiens: Ristede kaffebønner

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