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With the Family Plan, you receive:

  • Two different single-origin coffees each month in the following size: 2x1000 gr.

  • We recommend buying your coffee whole bean in order to preserve it as fresh as possible.

The coffees are suitable for filter brews but many of them can be enjoyed as espresso if you have an espresso machine at home.

Our packaging is made of 100% recyclable plastic and is carbon neutral.

This month we bring you COLOMBIA:


  • Yiver is a community leader who has committed herself to fight for gender equality and to empower women in rural communities. Her coffee is grown under the shade of sugarcane, avocado, and banana trees. This natural (sun-dried) micro-lot is the result of a series of experiments that Yiver and her family of dedicated growers are carrying out at the Santa Lucia Farm. This year we received 5 bags (70kg) of this delicious single variety of Arabica (Pink Bourbon) with fruity notes of cacao nibs, apple most, orange chocolate and ripe berries. 

    • Producer: Yiver Vargas & Family. Finca S.Lucia.
    • Location: La Plata, Huila.
    • Altitude: 1650m.
    • Process:  
    • Species: arabica.
    • Varieties: Pink Bourbon
    • Origins: Colombia.
    • Ingridienser: Ristede kaffebønner


A special coffee to us, grown by members of the four indigenous tribes living in the areas of the Arhuacos, Kankuamos, Koguis, and Wiwas. The respectful agricultural practices that the indigenous people bring to organic coffee production, ensures long-term sustainability by carefully conserving natural resources.

  • Producer: Red Ecolsierra Coop.
  • Location: Santa Marta, Sierra Nevada.
  • Altitude: 1900m.
  • Process: Washed arabica.
  • Varieties: Castillo/Caturra.
  • Origins: Colombia.
  • Ingridienser: Ristede kaffebønner

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