Sitio Alto Ar - Minas Gerais - Brazil

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Silvio had many challenges in his life. After a tough teenage in the capital Belo Horizonte, he returned to the farmland to work as a rural worker. Year after year Silvio and his family learned how to farm the land in a more sustainable way and to process high-quality coffee. This dry "anaerobic" fermented micro-lot is one of the juiciest and fruitiest coffee we have ever roasted. Proud to bring Silvio's coffee to Denmark thanks to our new collaboration with Farmly. 

Producer: Silvio & Family

Sitio Alto Ar - Minas Gerais - BRAZIL

Altitude 800m 

Species Arabica

Cultivar: :RedCatuaí144

Process: Coffee is de-pulped and then dry fermented in sealed tanks for 9 days. A process commonly known by the marketing term of "anaerobic fermentation". We prefer to use the more appropriate term "dry fermentation" because all fermentation takes place in the absence of oxygen, that is to say, there is no such a thing as aerobic fermentation.

Ingridienser: Ristede kaffebønner

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